KWU Approved Trainer


KWU Approved Trainers are certified through KWU. Trainers at this level have the opportunity to train in any Region to which they are invited. They will be marketed on the KWU website and will be invited to faculty program events.

Becoming certified means that a trainer has met KWU’s high standards and is recognized by Regional leadership for their talent as a trainer.



  • Complete Train the Presenter, taught by an International Master Faculty trainer.
  • Complete the Train the Trainer Advanced Workshop within the past two years, taught by an International Master Faculty trainer, AND receive the Master Faculty instructor’s recommendation to the program. Please note: this may necessitate taking the Train the Trainer Advanced Workshop multiple times.
  • As a Market Center Trainer, teach a minimum of 6 Market Center classes in the past year in at least 3 different MC’s with a minimum of 75 evaluations with an instructor score of a minimum 4.0 through
  • As part of the 6 classes mention above, the trainer must teach Six Personal Perspectives and Ignite. The other classes can be elective but must be a part of the KWU curriculum (e.g., Win with Buyers, Lead Generation, MREA curriculum, SHIFT Curriculum, Lunch and Learns, etc.)
  • Letter of Recommendation from your Regional Director Please note: Recommending Regional Director must first attend at least one class taught by candidate.
  • Completed KWU Approved Trainer Application