The Market Center Administrator (MCA) is a critical member of the Market Center leadership team, which also includes the Operating Principal (OP) and the Team Leader (TL). 


The MCA can be thought of as the “voice of value” in the Market Center. 


What will you do?
Your 20 percent—or your core activities that will drive your greatest results:

  • Engage fully in the systems, tools, and conversations of the Growth Initiative and the Career Growth Initiative to drive the Market Center and associates to profitability through consistent growth in market share
  • Systematically quantify and communicate value to support associate validity so that the Market Center nets at least five associates per month
  • Lead the Market Center staff in implementing powerful growth systems and tools that associates can leverage to grow their market share
  • Lead strategic, financial decision-making, ensure appropriate bookkeeping and accounting systems are accurately maintained, monitor Break-even Day, complete weekly soft closes, and close the books monthly. Lead associates to implement the same systems in their businesses

Essential duties and responsibilities

  • Collaborate with the OP and TL to plan for Market Center profitability using the Cap Management tool.
  • Collaborate with the OP and TL to build strong systems that enable the Team Leader to regularly conduct market share appointments. Review the Pipeline tool to support the Team Leader in achieving the 4:1 conversation ratio and to validate the effectiveness of systems.
  • Engage in the Four Conversations of the Growth Initiative as a leader. Help to construct projections in appointments, gross, net, and profit. Regularly communicate actual numbers. Support the team in identifying solutions if actual results are not in alignment with goals.
  • On a monthly basis, build the Market Center’s value package, and lead systematic communications of value.
  • On a daily basis, use the Daily Company Dollar tool to identify the amount of Company Dollar that has been received for the month, and the amount that is pending.
  • Build systems to ensure all associates in production have CGI goals.
  • Work with the Market Center leadership team to construct systems to direct associates to the Production Solution that is right for them.
  • On a weekly basis, work with the Market Center leadership team to project the CGI call to all associates.
  • On a weekly basis, work with the Market Center leadership team to conduct CGI conversations with associates to ensure they stay on track to achieve their goals.
  • Consult with associates on shared business-building fundamentals.
  • Use the Leverage system and tools to build and lead a powerful staff.
  • Lead support and operational systems that empower associate businesses.
  • Introduce new products/services to associates.
  • Ensure all associate transactions are accurately recorded and tracked.
  • Implement full charge bookkeeping (A/R and A/P).
  • Oversee purchasing (supplies and equipment).
  • Complete weekly soft closes and communicate key numbers, any anticipated challenges, and any opportunities to celebrate to the rest of the Market Center leadership team.
  • Complete accurate banking and accounting.
  • Complete monthly closes and transmit monthly data on time.
  • Oversee maintenance of office equipment and technology. 
  • Create agendas and record meeting minutes.


      • OP/TL – Four Conversations of the Growth Initiative, Accountability/Awareness meeting – weekly
      • TL – daily
      • Staff (MCA Assistant, Receptionist) – daily
      • Sales Associates – daily, Career Growth Initiative Accountability Huddles – weekly
      • Buyers/Sellers/Vendors – daily

    Management Responsibilities       

    • MCA Assistant
    • Reception
    • Additional staff as applicable

    The MCA role is a dynamic leadership position that offers many opportunties for success. If this sounds like YOU, contact us today to find out more.